Migrated and back to life

I just finished migrating my blog from Blogger to FunnelWeb. Let me tell you one thing: It feels great to write blog posts using Markdown. It has the same feeling as writing questions and answers on StackOverflow, with prettify and everything. No more <pre> or <code> tags.

Setting up this blog was really easy and theming it using only CSS was fun too. The best part: It's open source and built with ASP NET MVC 3. I only had to change one thing: FunnelWeb extension engine does not seem to run in medium trust, so I had to handle that in the source code. But still, kudos to everyone who made this blog engine possible: It's really great to blog using FunnelWeb.

I did the migration from Blogger to FunnelWeb manually. I only posted a handful number of times and I wanted to convert the angle brackets to Markdown.

Back to life

Since my last post, which goes way back to 2009, I have been involved much, much more in Web-related projects. And I intend to bring this blog back to life with my passion for back-end and infrastructure design principles but also with thoughts about ASP.NET MVC (which I love, by the way) and Web applications in general.

Posted by: Bryan Menard
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